AXON Ghost Sentinel, Inc., an AXON Connected company, recently launched its new website this week and released its first consumer application known as the Carnica™ Mobile Security Android application (public-beta version) on the Google Play store. Carnica™ Mobile is the first publicly released mobile application that uses swarm Intelligence to protect devices and provide situational awareness. The public-beta version will help you understand how your device is performing and connect your device to our version of the cloud known as an "Apiary" without jeopardizing your device's performance or compromising your private information.

Simply put, Carnica will protect your device without interfering with how you want to use it. Gone are the days of downloading security apps that promise security but only drain your battery and warn you about threats when it’s too late. The first public-beta release of Carnica™ represents a landmark change in how device and network security is conducted. Subsequent releases in coming weeks will incorporate various new staged security features that leverage our revolutionary technology to deliver complete device security. A Pro version with a complete set of features will come out in late 2014. Come join us in our public-beta and be part of a new era of connected device security.