Due to increasing interest from potential investors and corporate partners, AXON Connected will spin-off the cyber security work of its portfolio company AXON AI in a separate entity called AXON Ghost Sentinel, Inc. (“AGS”). AGS is led by Kent Murphy, Dr. Sven Brueckner, Ravi Gupta, and Hugh Brooks. AGS will focus specifically on creating cyber security products for mobile devices, tablets, next-generation endpoints, and the emerging Internet of Things. The AGS team is excited about the opportunities in this area, and have received an initial round of seed funding, a lot of initial validation for their unique approach and target markets to justify the company spin-off. AXON Ghost Sentinel, Inc. will be headquartered in Harrisonburg, VA, with employees in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and California. Follow developments about AGS on Twitter @AxonGS and on their website at http://www.axonghostsentinel.com.