AXON Connected portfolio company AXON Ghost Sentinel Inc. (AGS) completed the 90-day spring 2014 cohort session of the Mach37™ cyber security accelerator this week. The “graduation” from Mach37™ included a product Demo Day in the CIT auditorium filled with investors and industry experts. AGS advisor Matt Devost introduced Hugh Brooks, who gave a brief overview of the company and technology. AGS staff then demonstrated a live working version of the Carnica™ application on several mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Demo Day visitors were invited to connect to the network and take part in the live demo, which showed how Carnica™ can provide situational and asset awareness by indicating which devices connect to a network when. The live demo also simulated the detection and quarantine of device infections. The graduation from Mach37™ puts AGS on the path to finishing and releasing the Carnica™ app and expanding its investor and distribution network. AGS will continue its productive relationship with Mach37™ and the CIT.