Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with us to commercialize a technology. We regularly partner with individuals, corporations, foundations/non-profits, universities, and the government. We are happy to entertain new technology areas beyond our current focus areas.

Analytical Science

Our analytic science capabilities feature swarm-based methodologies and other proprietary methods to develop autonomous reasoning technologies that identify and classify abnormal behavior, allocate resources optimally, and predict behavior. Current projects include improved intelligence retrieval and analysis, cyber attack intent discovery, autonomous unmanned vehicle coordination and behavior modeling and prediction.  Our team of software developers has decades of experience developing and fielding advanced analytical products for both commercial and defense-related applications.


Fiber Optic Technologies

With deep experience in fiber optics, AXON staff have invented, developed, produced and fielded a broad range of optical fiber based products.  From fibers, to components, to sensors, to systems - we were there at the dawn of the fiber optics age in the 1970’s and fully understand all its potential.  We are currently working on next-generation components and instrumentation that will revolutionize the way networks and telecommunications systems are designed, deployed and maintained.


Biomedical Sciences

Our biomedical staff are leading the way in the research and product development of early stage cancer detection instruments and methods.  We understand how to proceed through clinical trials and achieve FDA-approved devices and instruments.




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